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Greetings from MN


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Hi everyone,  I'm an aquarist from Minnesota. I have a small fish room with mostly livebearers in 10-20g aquariums,  a 150g pond, a 60g,  and I recently acquired a 540g aquarium (8'×3'×3') that I will be setting up over the next few months.   I have been keeping fish for 15 years now and have about 6 years of retail fish experience as well.   


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Wow! Stingrays would be impressive in a tank of that size!

I have tended towards discus and angelfish in my 540.

At first it was heavily planted and I liked that. But then later I went with hardscape only (which I thought I wouldn't like) and I liked that too. Hardscape only is much easier to maintain.

The biggest issue for me have been:

  • 3 feet is so deep it is a little difficult to mess around on the bottom, like planting plants. A really gigantic pair of tweezers is helpful. For somethings a person has to get inside the aquarium
  • With a big tank water changes can be a bear which is why I automated my system
  • It takes a big heater too. I use an inline hot tub heater.
  • I have the plumbing coming in from the bottom to reduce the clutter around the sides
  • Be careful what fish you put into the tank. It is nearly impossible to catch fish out of the tank without draining nearly all the water out. I have had to resort to a fish trap to remove fish from the tank.
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