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things I didn't know until I attended my first swap meet

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Am looking forward to my first visit to our local swap meet.

Will you share some of your lessons learned or tips for a first-timer like me?

Watched a few videos with tips. Here are some of my take-aways:

1. bring lots of cash

2. expect long lines and full parking lots, so be early

3. bring insulated bags or backpacks, or rolling coolers

4. do research, so you have an idea of what you are looking to buy

5. if presales are available, take advantage

6. best selections for early-birds; possible great deals toward closing time

7. do not impulse buy


Some questions:

1.The trip home will be 2 hours, does it make sense to repackage the bagged fish and place them in several containers, each with air stone/sponge filter and my own tank water?

2. Should I quarantine each species of fish separately? Or just throw together all fish intended for the same tank?

3. If not repackaged before driving home, should I drip-acclimate only those fish raised in different water parameters?

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Excited for you 😎

You’re probably already familiar with @Irene’s helpful video. I benefited from her tips very much.

We have some threads already here on the forum that will speak to many different questions…


Here’s random thoughts off the top of my head…

(1) Know your limits. Tank space and $

(2) Examine and note lots in advance.

(3) At an auction, most money moves in 1st half. Sell early / buy late if possible.

(4) Take a cooler or styro. Fish will be Ok if temperature is moderate and stable. I have a 3 hr drive to and from auction. Never lost a single fish selling or buying.

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I was so happy with my purchases at the swap meet. So, the family is going to the auction soon!

I can't wait.

I am hoping to get some more pygmy cory, some oto, more low grade shrimp and lots more plants!

I have 4 quarantine tubs ready.

I feel like a kid waiting for Santa.

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