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Cleared up my scalp using Dawn dish soap. Tried it because it was recommended for cleaning fish equipment.

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This is WAY off topic, but I think some might like to know about it.

I have had extremely bothersome scarp on the back of my head for decades. I tried all different shampoos and conditioners. Many prescription  treatments recommended by my Primary Care doctor and my Dermatologist. The itching drove me nuts on hot days. 

I had been washing fish equipment in the bathtub with Dawn. and was thinking about how clean it rinsed and figured I didn't have much to lose. If they use it on ducklings in oil spills, it probably wouldn't make my scalp worse. It worked wonders. I won't rattle off all the symptoms my scalp had, because some may find it gross. I will answer PMs if people want to know.

You never know what joys fish keeping might bring to your life !



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@Chick-In-Of-TheSea I just use a few drops and work it up om my hands first, wash my scalp and hair.  Rinse completely. Then comb while very wet to be sure there are no suds on the comb. Rinse until the suds are all gone.

There were times my scalp looked like "hot spots" on our dog. I wonder if dawn might have helped her. 

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