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What are the dimensions of the submersible pump that comes with TopFin rimless 5 gallon tank

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I bought a used Top/Fin rimless 5 gallon aquarium item (#5230342 at Petsmart) They said the pump broke and they no longer had it. I am looking for the dimensions so I buy a replacement submersible pump. I think an uplift tube might work as well. I read a while back about a printable uplift tube that had multi-air holes around the bottom of the tube, I might try to find that on the forum. If someone remembers what that uplift was called, please let me know.  Currently using and HOB, but would like to use the original design. 

All Ideas are very welcome !!!



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@Guppysnail "Been there, Done that, Didn't get a tee-shirt" or the dimensions. That was why I asked here.  I have ordered a jetlift (jet-lift?) and will use my air pump to run it instead. It will get more O2 into the water and shouldn't need as much cleaning out as a pump would. So I'm happy. When the jet lift arrives, the fish will be happy too.

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