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Golden Congo Tetras

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These are finally becoming more accessible! A LFS near me has them, does anyone have any experience handling them? I’ve heard it’s like your typical congo tetra but I’m worried becuase I’ve got hard water and they’re wild caught. It’s risky to toss away $35 a fish 

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Hot looking fish! Wow!!


Check this out...

And this...

Here is a write-up. You may be correct to be concerned about water hardness. It is difficult to say, but at that cost, do take care. You can probably invest about $150 into  a small R.O. Unit or water filtration system that could be plumbed to a single sink, thereby filtering out much of your hardness. When / if you wanted your water untreated, you could set it up to easily be removed with pull-apart valves . . . (sorry, I cannot remember what they're called, but I have some on my Aquaponics setup).

Here's another website with scientific info on them. Good luck! If only I had more tank space 😅


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