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Disregard plants, aquire yarn.

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Set up a few breeding projects the last couple of weeks, and decided I didn't want to spend $12 per java moss mat. Until I get more propagation to harvest off of, I'm going with some pseudo grass. Made essentially exactly like the yarn mops for breeding fish, but instead of a cork, tie it to a small piece of airline tubing and suction cup it to the bottom. Not the greatest, but good for $0.50 each or so...PXL_20230630_194908918.jpg.64b6e7593f706dc4e8951fc2ab4d46b7.jpg


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Right now Vienna guppies and sunset honey gouramis are breeding, working on getting sterbai Cory to spawn. I'll probably also see if I can spawn hardier rummy nose tetras, but they're still a bit on the young side. I had a group that was quite a bit bigger, but they got decimated by infection when I was on vacation. The survivors never showed any signs of illness so maybe they're a bit resistant.

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