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In.ine timer dimmer for led lights

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this little item might be a useful upgrade for many people.


$12.00.  If you have an led aquarium light with power supply plugged in to outlet and low voltage going to light via a barrel connector and light does not have a timer, or timer has limitations you dont like or lacks ramp up ramp down feature this might be just what you need.

I have been having lights simply turn on and off with wifi timer, but prefer a ramp in brightness to not startle the fish.

I like the Finnex Planted Plus ALC lights color rendering, but I find the timer to be nearly useless for my needs.  The installed timer has a three hour ramp from settiing to setting.  So if you set it to have sunrise for 6:00, it actually turns on very dim at 3:00 and gradually brightens over 3 hours.  Likewise max brightness set at noon has it start ramping up at 9:00.  If you want 8 hours of peak brightness you need to set three time slotswhich gives you 9 hours with ramps on either side..  

It borders on useless.. and scheduling a siesta is hopeless…

However this 12.00 timer allows me to have my finnex light set to a color rendering I want at the intensity I want and this functions as a timerI can set to the minute.  I can also set the intensity I want.  I have it set to 100% of what I set the finnex light to…  you can also set the timer to either turn on immediately to set brightness or choose between a 15 minute or 30 minute ramp up ramp down   I chose 30 minutes…


The device Allows you 6 time periods.  I use 4 of them for two separate photo periods from 4:00 to 9:00 morning and night.  I do this primarily as I am up at 4:00 AM every day, I am gone all day and go to bed at 9:00 PM so this allows me to enjoy the light on when I am home.

Alternatively you could set it to come on at 10% power for sunrise,  increase to 50% power an hour later, brighten to 100%after that and then lower as the day progresses simulating gradually intensifying and diming light of a day outside as the lighting intensifies as the sun progresses through the sky.

switch also works on finnex stingray light.  I have not tried it on hygger 957 yet but have no reason to think it wont work.


Its not the be all end all,but it fills a niche for me and I am buying several more this morning for other lights now that I know it works for what I want.



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Posted (edited)

Sold by Nicrew so likely oem for theirs.


fits. 2.1 mm barrel connectors and has adapter to fit 2.5.

It makes my Finnex Planted Plus ALC much more usable.  The three hour ramp with the internal timer makes it virtually unusable….


also nice for Finnex Stingrays, esp the stingray 2 which is awfully bright….


I bought several more to add to all of my lights now thatbI know it works.  Looking forward to trying it on the Hygger 957.


It will also liberate more than a few kasa wifi timers….

And if you want light on when timer isnt calling for it, that is easy to bring in to play with the on off switch.

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I think for 12 bucks it's worth a try. Even to eliminate the big bulky manual timers plugged into my power strips. Those dang things take up the space of at least 3 outlets on one power bar. Def going to give it a try.

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So long as you have the power adapter plug in to the outlet and low voltage goes from there to light and it meets certain voltage, amperage limits listed in the description and uses 2.1 or 2.5 barrel connectors it should work.


on the Finnex planted plus, the 2.5 female barrel connector has extended insulation that makes it tough to get on.  

you can either 

1. force it a bit

2. trim off a bit of the plastic hood, or file down the end of the male adapters plastic hood.


I opted to persuade it a bit to see if the item will work, but I will probably file down the insulation a bit on the make barrel adapter..

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