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Any experience with making beef heart

Ken Burke

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12 hours ago, Ken Burke said:

Thinking about trying to make some fish food.  I may be able to get some venison heart, and figure it would process the same way.  Any ideas?

Neat idea! Please be sure to provide updates about this on the forum 

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My experience is clean off the silver skin well, don't worry about losing some of the meat. The I would dice the meat and add in thawed frozen spinach, garlic, and some vitachem. Next mince with a stick blender until smooth and portion into freezer bags. My discus and angels loved it and grew like weeds with beef heart, but it is definitely a messy food so you'll likely need additional water changes. 


Also, no more than 1/4 inch in the freezer bag when on its side or it is a pain to snap off a chunk for feeding.

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Portioning advice
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