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Algae and Snail removal for new tank

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Hopefully the title isn’t to confusing.  Anyhow I currently have a 20gal tank that I am replacing with a 45gal tank. My plan is to use the plants from the 20 in the 45. But as you can see in the pictures I have a wee bit of an algae issue I’ve been battling. As well as bladder and Ramshorn snails. I have been using spot treating CO2 Booster (api) on the algae but not working very well. I even reduced my light brightness to 60% for 8hrs. 

I have read somewhere I can dip the plants in peroxide (if I remember correctly and kill the snail eggs and what I miss on the cleaning. Also that giving them a sock in the CO2 booster will kill off the algae.  Not sure if this is true or not. Any advice would be awesome. My fear is that all this will kill my beneficial bacteria that I wanted to use to start up the tank. I am still going to add Ben bacteria when I start the tank up. 

any help would be amazing. And what kind of algae is this?  




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Reverse Respiration can deal with both snails and algae. It is not harmful to plants as many dips are (see article comparisons)

Only the leaves and parts of plants already dying will be affected. 
Hope this helps. 
It looks to be a mix of staghorn and black beard algae. 
RR will kill the beneficial bacteria on the plants but so will other dips and potentially to high of co2 into the tank. BB needs a good deal of oxygen to survive. 


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