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Instead of "How many fish can I fit in an XX gallon tank..."

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Swimming room of the fish is often forgotten or not paid attention to when it comes to stocking I feel like. I personally don't like crowding a certain column in the tank and try to go for fish that has different swimming level preferences. 


On 7/2/2023 at 3:16 AM, Galabar said:

Does a single adult oscar eat about the same as 1000 chili rasboras? 🙂

Probably? 🤣


I think food does not play a role really. It is instead the adult size of the fish, activity level, If the fish is social so whether it needs a school, and so on.

The amount of food enters is more about filteration and water changes/maintenance I believe. But also how messy eater the fish is and how much the fish poops also matter.

I am water changing and vacuuming my 1m:2f bristlenose tank once every two days. I can leave my female betta sorority community tank with 5 female bettas, red lizards whiptails, L199, pygmy cories, and sparkling gouramis untouched for a pretty long time as I already manually buffer my empty water myself. and they only have 15 liter difference in terms of water amount.  And this tank gets way more food than bristlenose tank does. Not to mention it feels way more alive and full compared to the bristlenose tank

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Fish's stomachs are the size of there eye ball that what I use as a reference when feeding depending on the size of tank and how many fish you would be adding that would denote how much food you would be adding in to the system 

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