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Thanks for the add!

I’m desperately trying to figure out what’s going on with my Congo puffer. Long post ahead I apologize 

I had gotten him along with a few other fish, skirt tetras Congo tetras. My tank has been established for awhile

My skirt tetras developed what I thought was ick, and even after doing the Ick-X they all dropped like flies. I realized it was probably epistylis. Neither my puffer or any of my congos were affected. I did a water change and thought that was that

Shortly after my puffer developed white spots, i immediately quarantined him and bought Kanaplex, focus and tried feeding him medicated food. He’s been refusing his food even with the garlic guard. Some days he looks better. But this has been a week, I tried adding the kanaplex into the water with no changes. 

Since it’s a hospital tank I do daily water changes to give him clean water, but I’m at a loss as he doesn’t seem to be doing worse or better and I’m concerned about his slime coat.

Any advice would be highly appreciated. My congo tetras are still not affected whatsoever with whatever ailment



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Looks like epistylis it feeds off of gram negative bacteria on the slime coat of your fish and spreads more quickly at higher temperatures causing secondary bacterial infections that what usually kills your fish what I would do it s start dosing the tank with maracyn2 and add aquarium salt 1 table spoon for 3 gallons the combination of two is very effective at treating epistylis @Arden

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