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Kam's 30L/7.9g Planted Tank


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In the UK, we’ve recently entered into our second lockdown, so what better thing to do to past the time than to start a new planted tank.
This is a 30 litre/7.9 gallons heated tank, with double sponge filter. I like the double sponges as I can swap out a sponge from an existing tank for near instant cycling, without impacting the existing tank too much.
Plants used are:
Lilaeopsis brasiliensis
Lobelia cardinalis
Anubis nana bonzai
Sagittaria subulata
Limnophilia sessiliflora
Cryptocoryne beckettii


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Three and half weeks update.

All plants are doing well and growing with only some minor leaf melts. This is the first time I've kept Cryptocoryne and there has been no major melt, which is a nice surprise. New leaves are even sprouting from the crypts. Limnophilia is growing fast, which is great for sucking out the nitrogen. One of the Java fern leaf has sprouted plantlets on its tip - free plants 🙃.

Since then, I added spiky moss, Salvinia auriculata (floating plant) and some bits of catappa leaves to prepare for the arrival of shrimps.

I've been doing around 20% water changes twice weekly to keep the algae at bay. I'll do it weekly from now on.

Yesterday, I added 10 tiger shrimps purchased from eBay (in UK). I love the patterns on them.


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