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Redpots & Harriet Journal - 7th tank is the charm🪴

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7 months / 7 tanks

i just now went back to the well to grab a 10gallon  1/2 price Aqueon BB PetStore tank while the getting is good. 
i want to try a dry start with the Monte Carlo that need thinning and thought wtf? yolo! i deserve this…

i may have a problem 🤷🏽 

potter, teacher, antique dealer and greenhorn fish keeper journal.

coming at you from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.


a long , long time ago…my now delightful significant other returned from the Pacific NW with a mason jar terrarium and gifted it to me. thoroughly charmed, i added it to a display of new work presented for a holiday show, for ambiance. i had nice pots for sale, i was proud, but - all anyone cared to talk about was that mason jar terrarium 

so i sold it.

fast forward a bunch of years. 
mushroom foraging got me into the forest floor - got me into moss - made me think - i should recreate that mason jar terrarium.

so i did.

made a few moreB35CA670-8107-461C-A974-329A634B79D9.png.9c32643bcab82851ff3eaaff0d3e40fc.png&






found that i really enjoyed keeping living things in glass jars…

B8496339-65DB-4836-BFFE-DA16AEC6C21B.png.cbe77a20b68b933f7449aa7f6849850f.png( not mine )

enter Harriet Tub Man.

8EFE3EC0-D6DE-47BB-AA1F-441AA2E22CC3.png.750afb4131376e2c16b5a19bce03ec93.pngdecember 2o22.








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Harriet&Redpots Introductions and Greetings 

5 gallon feels in balance with:

11 embers

 colony of blue shrimps 

& snails 🐌 .


14 gallon cube needed a crew.


Harriet ( male Dumbo betta ) is hanging out in the penthouse ( acrylic .75 gallon floating breeder ).

2 surviving Black Neon Tetras (of 10 - 3 DOA , 5 more dropped like flies - ammonia poisoning 🏴‍☠️ ? )

have been joined by 8 celestial pearl danios


i hung a sidecar (Fluval exterior .5 gallon breeder) to grow out 10 ‘algae eating shrimp’ ( Aqua Huna colorless NC ). 
my thought on these shrimp is that they probably have interesting genetic diversity and it’ll be fun to see if offspring present color 🤷🏽.

so this :


exploded into this :



i'm going to rearrange some hard scape and plants to reset territories and spring Harriet from penthouse solitary tomorrow.

the CPDanios are small enough to be tempting prey for the betta - but i think the plants are dense enough to quell any impulses and He’s pretty well adjusted  🙏🏽.

thanks for following along 




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Looking Good in the Cube. 
Harriet is sprung from solitary. Curious as ever but no aggression 🙏🏽.

CPD are my kind of fish. Apt to tuck into the brush with any sudden movement - but super friendly.  Love the spots - like they are made of stardust. 

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Posted (edited)

I’ve taught pottery for 25 years and learned to introduce students to the concept of ‘studio time’.
5 hours - or a semester - can fly right by -unless you’re waiting for something to dry.

Similar but different phenomena in water life. 


Until 5 weeks a go i was keeping 2 Fish.
Harriet (pictured here under a 6 week old ACO Tiger Lotus w. its1st Lilly Pad)


Arthur (not pictured). The OG white Goldfish who came in With 4 other feeders and decided to stick a round. 
He’s hung in there as I’ve learned some ropes & is fixin to move from a Coleman cooler to this Walstad inspired 10.  

I tired of the dry start Monte Carlo experiment. My heart wasn’t in it…

so - 

I’ll let this cycle with a few stowaway snails and move Arthur up in awhile. 

Kind of nice to have a plants only - no bubbles tank going. Though Arthur will appreciate the change of scenery. 
and there’s always the cooler…

any tips for a filter less planted 10 w. 1 common goldfish are welcome.

#Walstad #goldfish 


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