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Aquarium Coop Plant Shipping Price

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I’m currently trying to determine if it is worth it for me to order the few plants I want off the co-op website or if I should get them at a lfs. The plants are the same price for both options, but I like the guarantee of healthy plants that come with the co-op. I am wondering how much people have paid for shipping on live plants from the website. I know for dry goods there is a flat rate of $4.99, but the live plants require faster shipping, which is likely more. 
I’m going to be getting a tiger lotus and banana plant because my African butterfly fish would love the lily pads since my floating plants are struggling with too high of humidity. 
EDIT: I went deeper into my order and it seems that the shipping is only $4.99 for plants as well. I’ll be ordering my plants asap in order to get more coverage for my ABF

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I found that just buying two cannisters of fod from the coop, same size and brand, paid for the shipping and then some with savings over prices at my local Petco.

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