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Does anyone know of a small Co2 system/kit i could get for my 10 gallon cube aqaurium? Im currently using api Co2 booster and co-op easy green for my aqaurium. Ive been interested and tryin to use a Co2 system. Any suggestions? I seen in the shop theres a diffuser u can by, maybe i can buy that with a small kit??




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Hmmm, not sure about a kit but . . . I'd search Amazon for CO2 regulators for aquariums. These should all come with a built in solenoid valve, check valve and bubble counter. 

Find one that can hook up to a 20oz paintball canister. Then find nearby a sporting good store that sells and refills paintball canisters with CO2. I've use Dick's Sporting Goods n the past.  

Other than that you'll need a few other things that can be easily acquired online or elsewhere -- 1/4 tubing rated for CO2 to hook up the diffuser, a simple plug-in timer to turn the regulator on and off on schedule, and an in-tank CO2 drop checker.

I think that's all you'll need to assemble your own kit. 

As far as price price for all this -- that widely varies depending on whether or not you buy a 'high end' regulator.  Lots of good reviews online for more budget friendly stuff. If you want to spend more, look at online seller like Green Leaf Aquariums.

Ohhhhh wait . . .  Fluval makes a small kit, but I'd see some reviewers and opinions on that before buying. I believe (but could be wrong) that it's manual operation, and they make their money selling the refill canisters, which are on the small side. 

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