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I have seen female yellow labidochromis holding eggs in their mouths several times.  Until yesterday I have never really tired with much effort to catch one out to strip the eggs, the combination of their speed and # of Easy Planters has acted as a deterrent. 😄

Well, yesterday was the day to catch out a holding girl and see what she had.

Lucky for me she hid in a coconut shell early on in the hunt.  Simply positioning the net in front of the shell, then lifting and moving it towards the net allowed me to easily catch her.

After a swishing around in a specimen container I was gifted with 7 fry.

They are currently in a ziss egg tumbler.  Ironically enough, this is the first time I will be using the egg tumbler for a mouthbrooding fish.


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Proud first-time papa of some Neolamprologus multifasciatus!🥳. These were the ones that Ryan from Wild Fish Tanks had sent me a few months back.

I decided to peek my head in on them as this tank is on the top rack with the substrate/bottom impossible to see unless on my tip-toes or ladder.

I added more PVC "snail shells" at @Zenzo's advice.  I was a little worried that I still didn't have enough.  I will probably still add a bunch more to see if that sets the breeding off even more.  You can see from the photos that they get fed BBS very heavily!  (Note: Aquarium Co-Op Brine Shrimp of course! lol)





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