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Nerite snail stocking question


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Next time I order shrimp, I'd like to order some nerite snails for my 32 gallon tank.  It's pretty lightly stocked and heavily planted, but I don't want to overstock it and I'm not sure how many to get.  I'm thinking between 1-3 snails, but I haven't had nerites before so wanted to get some advice.  

32 gallon Flux Flex tank

12 neon tetras

7 ember tetras (and 1 flame tetra that somehow slipped in)

Some unknown number of cherry shrimp, but not a crazy amount - I'm guessing in the 40-80 range.  

1-2 ramshorn snails that slipped in on some plants and seem to be thriving.  


There's plenty of algae and plant detritis in the tank - I operate it under the clean, but not too clean theory, and leave some algae walls and the like for the shrimp to enjoy. And I always have a cavatappa/mulberry leaf or two in it.   So I don't think 3 nerites would starve - I just don't want to overload the tank.  How many would you get?  

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3-4 are fine. I have 6 in my 40 B. They are great snails. Keep an eye on those ramshorns they overpopulate so fast it’s not funny. Much faster than my bladder snails. 
Suggestion if you do not have a lid go for black racers mine never try to escape. My tigers rarely but it has happened and my zebras are forever trying to wander off. 

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Fortunately I have a full lid on that tank so I don’t think they can escape. I’d tried a red racer before but it was DOA and my favorite supplier is now out so I’m thinking either tiger or zebra. 

I’d worried about the ramshorn overpopulating too but I’ve only ever seen two full grown ones. Not to say there couldn’t be more, but even when I put food for the shrimp in the tank, at most I see one snail coming for it. 

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