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DIY Breeder Box?


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Hello everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone had tips for making a DIY breeder box for CPD fry. I am currently raising CPD fry in a Marina hang-on-back breeding box. I have very limited tank space, so I am limited to where I can grow out the fry. I would like to build a breeder box similar to what Dean made about a year ago on the channel, but the holes would be too big and since the fry are so small, they would slip right through the holes. I believe I would have a better grow out rate if they had access to a much larger body of water. I figured floating a breeder box in the same 29 gallon, as the parents, would allow them to have access to more infusoria until they are larger enough for fry food.

Do you guys have any recommendations for some sort of net that is fine enough to wrap baskets or are there other products out there that could hold CPD fry. I've looked at Pen Plax and a few Amazon/petstore brands, but most look like the netting is too large for very tiny fry.

Appreciate any and all input. 


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I am not familiar with the exact size of CPD fry, but you could try using window screen mesh. I believe they sell rolls of it to cut to size at home depots or lowes. Other hardware stores may also have it.

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