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Show me your tetra tanks!

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My aquarium I’m setting up, a 75 gallon, is a tetra tank, and I’m putting a lot into it: Rodi water, a co2 system, nice aquascape, all the frills. I want to see what one looks like finished and stocked, as tetras are hard to do in my water and if the finished product looks bad and isn’t fun to watch, I’ll give up and go with my original plan of a bunch of bettas.

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Nice! I inherited a tank from a friend who moved. He had tetras and 2 Coris. I continue to add tetras as his (which were old) pass on. I call it Tetraland. 😃

they are fun fish. ill upload a pic in a few. I am on the road.

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I have very hard water (As in, the GH is above the highest on the freshwater testing kit), with a ph of 7.5, but I really like tetras, so to do a tank I would have to fill it with RO/DI water (Or turn it blackwater, but that feels like a waste in a 75 gallon. Plus, it would stink, so I’m wary.) The only hard-water fish I really like are African cichlids, and I don’t want to run the risk of walking in on a bloodbath every day, especially since I’m not experienced with extreme aggression. My other idea was to either fill it with as many bettas as possible and turn it into a big biotope tank, or to have like fifty barbs in it and just watch the activity all day long. I don’t like either of those plans as much as I like the idea of a big, pretty tetra tank, and seeing as I’m already buying a rodi for my saltwater tank, I might as well do a tetra tank.

Edit: I also do like the idea of putting discus in it, but they sound nearly impossible to keep, so I’m wary.

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