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Interducing new apisto mate


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Last week we experienced extended power outages here in East Texas, do to the heavily planted lightly stocked nature of my tanks I was able to leave them without power for several days with almost no ill effects. However I did loose my female apisto cocatidies who was already struggling from an eye injury. I would love to replace her but am hesitant because I wouldn't want the new female to get relentlessly picked on.  If anyone has experience I'd love to hear your opinion 20230625_171933.jpg.5bbfab257cc88a4d146996978a1a89bf.jpg20230625_172005.jpg.241c550707f39eded61111428168eb48.jpg

Also just a side note these are the apistos I  got from @tolstoy21 and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for great stock from a great guy

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That's one nice looking apisto!

I think you'll probably be ok introducing a new female. I introduce new ones quite often and it's usually fine. I say usually because every now and then . . . 

I just introduced a wild caught female to one of my domestic males and they hit it off fine. 

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I currently have breeding a trio of Apisto caucatoides tr. 

The male has the tank as his territory and each female has a side in a 20L. Each girl gives me fry every 4-5 weeks. The girls do not get along but the boy is a total ladies man Casanova. That being said you’re probably ok to get another girl. He should accept her since males take more than 1 mate. 
Gorgeous boy. 

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