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It started as a holding tank

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I set up this little 2.5 gallon as a holding tank for my half moon, but there are some very interesting things going on in it. 

PH is higher than my other tanks at about 7.4. KH and GH are also higher, at 4 and 6 (rocks maybe). I tend to have much softer water. Temp is 75.

First, the Anubias, moss, and java fern seem to love it. I put any of those plants that are suffering into this tank and they start to thrive. Maybe the cheap tiny light.

Second, some dwarf water lettuce has totally adapted by shrinking smaller than I’ve ever seen it.


Third, even the Monte Carlo seems to be doing well, which really surprised me as I struggle with it in tanks with much more light.

Never had any algae. It is a bit of a snail graveyard. This random tank has been fun, even though it was meant as a temporary set up.






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