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Selling both of my 20 gallon longs soon. What would be a good estimate? More info in comments


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Can someone give me an estimate for both of my 20 gallon longs? I’m upgrading soon to a 55 gallon

Tank one (the left) 

20 gallon long with tetra whisper 10 and sponge filter. Seauora light. 4-8-12hr light cycle w/ adjustable brightness. 20 lbs of gravel. 100w adjustable heater and thermometer. Drift wood, large heap of java moss, Anubias barteri, two java ferns. Duckweed and frogbit. Cherry shrimps. Food included (35g Bacter AE, hikari shrimp cuisine) 

Tanks two:

20 gallon long. Aquaclear 50. 100w heater, thermometer, seauora 4(6?)-8-12 light cycle, 20 lbs of nutrient rich gravel. 40lbs of sand for 2 inch cap. Hikari micro pellets. 12 neon tetra, 1 extremely peaceful dwarf gourami. Frogbit, Java fern, Cryptocoryne wendtii, duckweed, Amazon sword, either Elodia or some kind of Ludwigia. 

Please be honest! IMG_1622.jpeg.20b7ddec11e4b2f75a99935870047fdb.jpeg

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On 6/25/2023 at 10:04 AM, Biotope Biologist said:

may be easier to tear down and piece meal it.

I would have to agree with that. I've seen some BEAUTIFUL full set ups for sale on my local club's forum but I don't see them selling, and certainly not as fast as when the seller is piecing them out. 

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On 6/25/2023 at 6:36 PM, lefty o said:

depends on your local market.


Just to give you an idea of how I view the tank(s):

Light: anywhere from $10-15 depending on how long it's been used and the model number.
Tank: no more than $10 for the tank, especially if it's dirty.
Lid: same as the tank, no more than $5-10, especially if it's dirty.  20L lids don't really fit so the versatops just have issues in general.
Gravel: none / I will either use it or toss it
Plants: some value, probably the one thing that matters most.  $15-25
Fish: really depends.
Filter: $1-5, they aren't expensive and it's used equipment.
Heater: $5-15, depends on model and age.
Hardscape: used, $5 or so per piece, potentially less.

Given the two setups, the right is the only one I'd be interested just because of the plants involved.

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