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What type of fish eat copepods?

Dork Fish

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Depends on the type of fish already in the tank. 
Rasboras, guppies, psuedomugil, ellasoma and basically any nano fish. They are micro predators and the copepods are a natural food source. Larger fish mostly ignore them as not worth the effort to hunt. 

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Copepods are healthy for a tank. I have nano fish and corydora that love them. It ensures a live in tank food for fry and small fish. They eat leftover food so also help keep the tank clean. I believe they come on food. They show up eventually in every single snail and shrimp tank I have ever had that has no micro predators. 
I really would not worry. I use a macro lens and watch them. They are very interesting to watch and entirely harmless to any inhabitants in your tanks. 

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