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is there an electronic monitor for water clarity?

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I have noticed that water gets cloudy when my sponge filter has been off for many hours. Is there a monitor for water clarity, or a way to verify that my filters are in actual operation?

We have them on smart switches but what if airline tubing somehow popped off?

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you can use something external to the glass on a microcontroller (arduino type of thing) on the glass.  They have stuff that is based on infrared or laser based sensors.  It's a common type of sensor used for things from measurement all the way up to alarms. You could also look into a flow sensor on the uplift tube.... think, watercooling parts for a PC.

Off the shelf, something for water monitoring though, I'm not sure.  Maybe conductivity?

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The Mark 2 eyeball is pretty good at picking up cloudiness in a tank.

It also works very well at discerning if bubbles of air are coming out of a sponge filter, box filter or ugf riser tube.

rising bubbles are not the same as water flow though.  A sponge filter if finer pore size can get quite clogged cutting flow down significantly, and waterflow frommair driven filtration is dramatically less than powered filtration.  The best I have come up with is lowering the water level below the outlet and getting a feel of how many inches you can lower the waterlevel and still have a bit of flow.

At best with a good airstone in a fairly long riser tube and no restriction you might have about 2 inches of head.  Ie it can flow water 2 inches above water level.  You can get a rue appreciation for the difference in flow between power filtration that typically have feet of head vs air driven that have at best 2 inches of head…

I do recognize your query seems directed more to an electronic optical sensor, but one really would not have much practical use in the situation of an airline popping off…

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