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New Fry! Advice?


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I finally was able to get my fancy goldfish to spawn. They hatch on 6/21. I gave them some egg yolks today along with a little water change. Only a couple are currently free swimming? When will the others start swimming? I've read that it's usually a day. I'm worried they will starve. Should I start baby brine shrimp? Or rapashy? When should I start to worry?

First time breeder, in case it wasn't obvious lol


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You can always use repashy powder itself (without turning it into a gel form) and that's wonderful fry food.  you would want to feed at least 2 times a day, preferably 3-4 if you can keep up with maintenance.  Feed less than you think, but feeding a few times a day is the key to get them growing for you and make sure they are eating.  One of the first time I saw someone feed fry food they dipped the very tip of a paintbrush for watercolor paints into the food and then dipped that into the water.  If you feed more, the main thing is just to make sure you keep the breeder box or container clean.  BBS would be a good food as well.

It might day a day, maybe up to 48 hours for the fry to become free swimming.  They just have to use up their egg sac they have already.

Congratulations though, that's awesome!  🙂

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