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Ropefish Tank Size

Jack CO

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I’ve been doing lots of research on the ropefish because I would really like to get one for my 60 gallon which currently has 4 African Butterfly Fish and some petricola catfish. I’ve come across some conflicting information regarding how much space they really need. I’ve seen everything from only a 40 gallon to a 110 for just one ropefish. Is my 60 gallon (4 foot) big enough to keep a single one? 
Thanks for the input,


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On 6/22/2023 at 9:56 PM, DeadStang said:

I have 3 in my 75 and they seem to be doing fine with plenty of room.

Would you recommend keeping them in groups or would a single one be ok? I was originally only going to keep one but I’ve seen a lot of places saying they prefer to be in groups. I’d be willing to get 2 of them because I think it would be ok to have the 2 in my 60. Either way I’m not getting them in the near future because I want my petricolas to grow a little bigger so I’m certain they won’t get eaten or hunted. 

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