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Equipment for a 125g tropical tank

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I have this standard 125g I've had for a couple of years but never used other than to run water in it. I still have two 36" Fluval Plant 3.0 and an fx4, but I want to try and sell them and get replacements because the lights are too much for the low-tech plants I want, and I just don't like how the fx4 is set up because my hands are too weak to use it.

Anyway, so now I'm trying to find some budget-friendly options since monetary circumstances have changed since then. I think I'll get hygger lights, but what about the rest? I've looked at Sunsun filters but I don't know what other options there might be. As to heaters we keep our house around 68F all year, so other than needing two of them I'm not sure what I actually need.

My plan on what to keep is well-planted and pretty well stocked with nano and up to 4"-5" community fish. Already decided on doing a dirted tank to save money. Thanks for reading.

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