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Greetings from Cleveland!


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Hi everyone. I've been on the FB group for a year or so, but I'm new to the forums. I live in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. I got into fishkeeping when the hotel I used to work at hosted the American Cichlid Association annual meeting. They left some 10-gallon tanks in the garbage, saying they leaked, so I fixed them and kept one for myself, and still have it to this day. (Though not with the same fish)


Currently I have a 55-gallon with crayfish (a local Ohio species, but I don't know which one specifically) and a planted 10-gallon with platies and cardinal tetras. I work as a video technician at a local university (the one that hosted the first presidential debate) and when working from home and hosting classes over Zoom, I open each room with the webcam pointed at my aquarium. The students love it. I attached some pics.






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11 hours ago, Eric W-Farmhouse Fish Room said:

Welcome!  That's a cool "origin story."  Do they come to your hotel?  I'd assume it would just get more fun to host them when you're active in the hobby.

I think it was in 2002, so my memory's a little fuzzy on the details, but it's quite a big gathering. Not quite Aquashella, but they rented out our ballroom, plus pretty much all of our other meeting rooms, and had aquariums set up in all our big rooms. (We had a lot of meeting space).   I was (and still am) an AV tech, so I didn't deal with them much directly, except I remember setting up a wireless mic for their auction. The ACA has not been back to Cleveland, as far as I know. I don't keep cichlids, so I don't follow them.

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