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Clearing Up Sand-Cloudy Water


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I was rescaping a tank yesterday and the water went cloudy as i am using fine sand. (the scape is mostly epiphytes, so the sand is not a plant issue)

What is the best way to clear up the water?

Just let it settle?

Mechanical filtration?

something else?

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4 minutes ago, Dork Fish said:

@TheMosster You can do what @AndEEss said, or you could let it settle and get it with a siphon. Additionally you could add a fine particle media to your filtration and just keep agitating the water until the filter takes care of it.

thats what i did. I added a small internal filter with filter floss that has taken care of most of it, and i could plug that back in to keep filtering. The primary filtration of the tank is a sponge filter, which does not pull out sand too well.

Admitably this is not the best solution as the only reason i own this internal filter is that it was free, so its not the best design, so its stirring up substrate in the process of clearing it from the water.

Maybe ill try this, just with a fine polishing pad on my sponge filter.


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