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Brackish Questions

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Switching my tank to brackish in the next week or two, I think Ive decided on salinity of 1.010- 1.014. Anyone have any suggestions for plants/macros in this range. 

Also as far as maintenance, should I premix my water or can I do changes like normal? I usually just hook my python to the sink and drain it then refill with tap and add dechlorinate and buffer. 

Any fun suggestions for a 90g set up, will have to be able to live with a Tiger Moray. I really like Gobies and Bennies but I’m not sure which brackish ones get big enough to not be food. Also does anyone know of any inverts that could be kept with the eel? I’m thinking none since their main diet is crustaceans and invertebrates but I was wondering if maybe some of the hermit crabs could be a safe bet.

Last question, the tank is currently full of duckweed and ramshorns, do I need to worry about a mass die out and remove them, or will these tenacious buggers hold up to brackish?

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