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Cycling testing question

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Yesterday i setup my Pretzelarium to cycle. However, when i tested it today i noticed something odd.

All tests read 0. ammonia, nitrite.

Now i was using established media and substrate,and my dechlorinator claims to "bind" these chemicals,so that might explain nitrite and Ammonia.

But i noticed something odd. Nitrate was at 0 too. And i overdosed Easy Green yesterday for the stem plants in there.

So any ideas?

My theories:

A.Testing is messed up

B.Really hungry plants

But im open to al the help i can get.

Testing was with ACO multi test strips, and ammonia test strips. Dechlorinator is fritz complete. Fertilizer is Easy Green. Any ideas?

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For ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate I prefer the API liquid tests. Sure, they take more time, and you have to follow the instructions to the letter, but I feel they’re more accurate. 

I like the ACO strips every once in a while to confirm what I already know. Lower pH, soft water, with little to no buffer. 

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checking the complete bottle it also claims to remove nitrate, so that could be something? I overdosed the complete, and that could have made a difference.

ill test again tommorow and see if anything has changed.

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todays tests were normal, i think the dechlorinator temporarily bound the chemicals which messed up the results, but now its been longer since i added dechlorinator, so i got a real test.

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