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Corydoras dying

Jesse L

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I have a quarantine tank set up with a group of corydora c005. It has a very well seeded sponge filter and all parameters seem to be within normal range, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 0 nitrate, kh 50ppm, gh 150-200ppm, ph 7.6, temp 80. I’m trying to figure out what’s causing them to die with no signs of disease. I have a group of cardinal tetras, espei rasbora and some Corydoras duplicareous in that same tank and all of them seem to be thriving. The only thing I’ve  noticed is that the c005’s are breathing faster than normal. Any ideas on what this could be?IMG_9200.jpeg.2a646a70636f8f45bfd7513def8c921c.jpegIMG_9217.jpeg.b709dd614ba86134aa1d3eb17491bc81.jpegIMG_9203.jpeg.7cab40da2199b5d770de5ed3660bf3a6.jpeg

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On 6/20/2023 at 2:39 PM, Jesse L said:

@Colu I am currently treating with para cleanse but will treat with prazi pro right after. How fast can gill flukes take out corydoras? Lost another two last night 😔


As your treating with Paracleanse you don't have to treat with prazipro it will take 3 course of paracleanse 2 weeks apart to treat Gill flukes as your still losing fish what I would do is a course of maracyn after your first course of paracleanse just in case there's a bacterial component to the death's 

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PH might be a bit high for some species. The temp is really high for them. Is there a reason for the 80 degree, is there other stocking that demands that range?

If you can lower ph that may reduce a little stress. The temp is likely why you're seeing so many issues though. It's just a lot of stress for them, depending on what the water they were in originally compares to your water.

Adding oxygenation also helps out a lot of corydoras species. A piece of wood for cover as well.

Planetcatfish is a great resource for care and water parameters. There are some discrepancies due to fish commonly being farm raised and those parameters changing, but in general there is a range that a lot of species fall into or prefer.

If you're needing warmer water corydoras, the usual recommended species is sterbai.


For species in that lineage I'm seeing:

PH 6-8

Temp 72-78 (I usually go for 74 range)

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