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Congo Tetra Compatibility/Fin Nipping

Jack CO

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I’m considering getting Congo tetras for my 60 gallon aquarium (4ft). They seem to be very peaceful community fish as long as they are in a large group, of which I was considering 12. My only worry is that they will become fin nippers, even though I’ve heard that they can live with guppies and gouramis. 
I am asking this because the reason I got the large tank was so that I could house multiple African butterfly fish and a ropefish. I know that the Congo tetras will work well with the ropefish due to their large size, but I worry they may nip at the long ventral fins of the ABF. Based on my research it seems that they mostly nip among their own species, but I want to see if that’s the case in other people’s experience. 
The other planned fish are 6 or 7 Denison barbs and a group of 10 petricola catfish. 
The tank is still cycling so I figure there isn’t a more opportune time than now to get your input. Thanks,


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