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Dwarf Flag Cichlids with Corydora?

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I am in the process of setting up a 55 gallon  (48 in x 13 in x 20 in) planted tank community tank in which I would like to keep a nice size group of candy cane tetra, a few otocinclus, a bristlenose pleco, and a group of 8 or so skunk corydora.   While at my LFS this week I noticed they have just gotten in some dwarf flag cichlids (laetacara curviceps) which look amazing.  I have read laetacara curviceps are very docile even compared to other dwarf cichlids, but I was wondering if I would be able to fit 2-4 in a community tank.  My main fear is while I don't ever intend for breeding to happen in a community tank if a couple were to spawn they might become aggressive; especially towards corydora which aren't the brightest when it comes to territories.  Is a 55 with lots of hiding spaces and line of sight breaks safe enough to overcome this issue?  Any suggestions or advice would be very appreciated!

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@Consteveim a big fan of Acaras, have had quite a few from Nanacara to EBAs and here’s what I know. Anything smaller than their mouths they’ll eat. My electric blue Acaras ate my silvertip tetras like they were candys and was like, “what did I do wrong dad?” And really they didn’t do anything wrong. Candy canes are a nice size tetra, I don’t think you’ll have any problems. Otos and corys usually I’ve found catfish to be fine with cichlids, I think cichlids and catfish are quite symbiotic. I think if you get a group of 5 or so you may end up with a couple pairing up but there should be enough room for everyone but they’re cichlids and well every pair is different so it could be great or world war 3. Have a 10 - 20 g and an extra sponge filter handy just in case but it’s a sound plan. 

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