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The "Me being weird" Preztelarium

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This will be the first project ive done in a while. However, a few days ago at the LFS, inspiration struck in the most unexpected way.


Ill keep the inhabitants a secret until i get them, but here is what is happening, and what i plan to do for this project.


#1. old infusoria culture gets emptied. (the container holds around 2.5-3 gallons of water)



#2new water in+a stem plant or two (maybe snails, it would be real nice if some snails got in on their own).


#3adding a DIY box filter, and established sand. The inhabitants should not need a heater.


#4waiting a week or two



thats the plan, ill update this more as it progresses, im personally excited for this project, as its been a while since ive done something like this, stay tuned!

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Ok, todays plan is to move the infusoria culture to a new container, then clean out the pretzelarium and get it setup. I plan to use established sand as a substrate, and established bio-media in the filter, as well as some plants. The container is located by the window so i am hoping for some green water, as it might be beneficial.

Also the infusoria culture is not looking so hot, so ill add some more organics to try and revive it, it just seems like a useful thing to have on hand.  

Ok, the pretzelarium is clean


Its called a pretzelarium as it was once a pretzel container.

time for substrate. in order to create a good substrate system im using cycled and non-cycled sand.

Non cycled sand


Cycled sand added,the substrate is mostly uncycled sand, but i should be good. (you can see where the box filter will be, although the substrate is slanted (just a habit) its not gonna be a scape at all).


alright time for water ill use the box filter to avoid disrupted the substrate too much.


despite my best efforts the water is still hazy but dont worry, this box filter is armed with filter floss.

Im going to add a pump of complete, and some easy green, then throw in some stems, kick on the air and let it run for a week or two before i add inhabitants.


I have some trimmings from anarchis, elodea, and nagas. Im just gonna float them.

i added a make-shift lid as well to stop water from splashing everywhere.


we have air! the filter is working, though the air is a little too strong,



im gonna add stability, a wafer and a few little snails to get thing cycled, then we will be all good to go!

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Day #2!

Since the last update i added a bit of water lettuce, for some MORE natural filtration.

Water has cleared up, on to cycling testing.

I added some crushed coral and equilibrium last night for the Future inhabitant snails.

Test results for cycling:







Okay, somethings wrong. I should at least have SOME nitrates.


A.tests are messed up

B.Dechlorinator is taking things out of the water

C.The plants are REALLY REALLY hungry.

any ideas?

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alright day #3 water testing, hopefully its not as confusing as yesterdays tests.

all right, todays results were more normal, i think the dechlorinator did something to the testing yesterday, or temporarily bound the chemicals or whanot.

Ammonia: 0.5


Nitrate: 50

alright, cycling is underway!

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