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Centerpiece fish suggestions


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So I was given a 29 hex a few months ago and decided abandon my plans to start a 20g in favor of it. It's been running over 2 months now started with filter media and plants from a 5g I broke down when I moved into my new house. It is very heavily planted, and running an aquaclear 50 and a small sponge filter. I'm trying to decide on a centerpiece fish to finish my stocking. My wife wants an angel fish, but I'm not sure if it will work. May also consider adding another small school of fish as an alternative. 

Current stocking:

2 male guppies (might rehome) 

5 otocinclus 

1 emerald corydoras (planing on getting 3-4 more) 

12 neon tetras

9 blue dream shrimp

2 assassin snails (I have a pond snail problem)

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I agree with Bill, one angelfish would make a good centerpiece. I am fond of the leopoldi angelfish as they stay a little smaller and get some nice red hues on their fins. 

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I'm pretty sure an angelfish would eat your shrimp. I have, however succeeded on maintaining agasizzii and cacatuoides apistos with neocaridina shrimp. They do harass the adults, but don't usually eat them too often. Maybe a borelli or 1 or 2 rams would be safer , since they are smaller. 

Jsut keep in mind about the water requirements for those fish, especially the temperatures for the rams. 

If, however, you choose to move the shrimp, all the fish mentioned above would be just fine 

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I think angels get much too large for a 29 gallon... Leopoldi not but they are a fish that have group requirements and a 29 can't fulfill that.

A hex tank has worse dimensions than rectangle tanks. You have to keep that in mind when considering bottom dwelling cichlids or fish.

I would stick to dwarf cichlids such as Pelvicachromis, Apistogramma, Laetacara and Mikrogeophagus species. Or gouramis.

Most dwarf cichlids will take shrimp as a snack so personally i would make the tetra school 20 or so and call that the centrepiece. A centrepiece doesn't have to be a single fish, it just has to be the focus of the tank.

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