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Green rotalla struggling

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Hey guys.  Ive got some rotalla I purchased over a month ago that isnt looking so hot.  It came emersed but seemed like it converted pretty quickly and was doing well for a while.  This bunch was cut and tops replanted and they just have not done much since.  What do you think they are lacking?  planted in pool filter sand.  I have split and put a few chunks of seachem and api root tabs, dose potassium and phosphate and nitrates are around 20-40 (I have a hard time reading the test).  Perhaps the root tabs are not close enough.  leaves seem to have a little brown but cant tell if it is algae or the leaf itself.  I am running Co2 at about 15 ppm.  Thanks for help in advance!


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Correct flow, then rethink your fertilization schedule. If you increase co2 without a good fertilization regimen the plants will cannibalize themselves for nutrients if you aren't providing the quantity of nutrients that the plants need.

Co2 does not magically lead to growth. It is a time accelerator. Properly fertilized plants will grow faster with co2. On the other hand improperly fertilized plants will melt and die also at an accelerated rate!

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