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How to dose GH/KH properly?


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I am using AquaVitro GH and KG. The dosing instruction says that: 


"Add 5ml (1tsp)" for every 10L (2.5 gallons) of water once a week as needed. The cap of the bottle doesn't have an indication of how many MLs it is. How can I measure 5ml or 1tsp? 


Screenshot 2023-06-18 at 12.19.59 AM.png

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On 6/18/2023 at 2:49 AM, Pepere said:

The most convenient tool to use will really  on how many gallons you are treating.  5 mls for every 2.5 gallons..  25 gallons will need 50 mls.  

If I am measuring 5 mls of liquid product, a syringe is awfully hard to beat for ease and accuracy.

With larger volumes a graduated cylinder would be more convenient.


Yes, I have a syringe but don't have a long needle. Why doesn't the bottle cap have the measurements? 

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