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How many sponge filters with powerheads?

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I'm planning a 60 breeder tank and I'm going through my options. First, in a 48x18x16 tank, how many co-op sponge filters would be recommended? Second, would you put a powerhead on all of them? Third, where would you place them for best flow in the aquarium?



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I like having something in back corners, and something central. If you’re going for a river stream, you could push from one side over with a powerhead + venturi, and just do sponge filters central and on the other side. Fish also enjoy a spraybar across the back pointing out from back towards front on a alight downward angle. It’s a bit noisy, but the laminar flow is special. I actually wrap my pvc around tge back and push all from one side in a tank. I have several US Native tanks set up…


If you’re just doing moderate flow, two large sponge filters will do it all. I use just 2x large sponge filters in the back corners of this discus tank…


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