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Plant ID? And a few questions


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So dipping into the world of planted tanks, I am currently setting up a 96 liter/25 gallon tank. I have substrate in it and bought a few plants: Java Fern, Anubias Nana, Echinadorus Bleheri and one that I thought was really pretty but I don't know what it is. Can someone help me id this one:


Any tips for planting and maintaining this plant?


Also a few more generic plant related questions: 

- The Echinadorus, do I plant it with the roots level in the substrate, or with the roots a bit above the substrate?

- The Anubius Nana petite, I don't want to glue it on wood (I did glue the Java fern) so can I just plant it in the substrate? Again, do I plant it so the roots are still visible?


Thank you so much!



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Thanks @Daniel @MickS77 , I thought so .... I do struggle however with the substrate to keep the plant attached whilst still seeing a bit of the white of the root. Even more with the Vallisneria. Must be because the substrate isn't that compact. Any trick to this?

I never been really into plants, but with this tank they are really growing (hopefully pun) on me!

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This is what Vallisnera americana looks like growing the wild.


When I have seen the natural substrate it is usually a sandy, or silty river bottom. But, there is hope. If you can temporarily weigh the runners down (even if your substrate is a light loose large gravel) the runners will send roots down and eventually make firm contact and then you can remove the weight.

If your question is about how to get the main plant to stay down when you first plant it, then again either find some way of weighing it down or if you have to, then bury the crown. The plant won't like it but it will often grow anyway.

Vallisneria is not a hard plant to grow once you get it started but very often I have a devil of a time getting it started.

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