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Aqueon 20 gallon long inquiry

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I want to take advantage of Petco's clearance sale on their 20L tanks. The ones in stock seemed to have thick silicone in all the corners & seems - is this common?

I have Aqueon 3 gallon rimless tank with very little visible silicone. Does it "disappear" when there's water inside?IMG_20230611_134930618.jpg.64bd98df14cdd8a270199d8c992926e9.jpg

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Yep. All of their frame tank feature kind of sloppy silicone work in the corners.

No, it does not visually disappear when filled with water.

compared to the cost of frameless tanks, especially when bought when half off….you just cant spend a whole lot of labor time on the silicone work…

Typically my eyes ore not drawn to the corners when I am looking at my tanks.  I am looking at the plants and the fish.  

I am not willing to pay the higher price for better silicone work myself…

truth be told, the bottom ones are covered by substrate and I never will see the upright back ones.  I suppose I could use a straightedge and a razor to score lines in the front vertical corners to narrow them down and clean them up…. But I think the fear of leakage would keep me from it….


when I started as a kid, the corners all had chrome covers on the corners that were wider than the silicone smear…

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Agreed that they don’t “disappear” when water is added, but when I’m looking at my tanks I don’t really pay attention to the silicone. 

Where I do pay attention to it is before I buy the tank. I try to select the tank with the “best” silicone job. I’ve seen tanks that have it dribbled all over the viewing panels of the glass and I definitely don’t want to take the time to scrape it off. 

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