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Free rock I found for a future scape…

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I am continually on the lookout for interesting rocks for future scapes when my Grandson and I go on walks..


This ones a beauty.

so many options in a single rock…



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It is local bedrock,  old sedimentary rock with volcanic inclusions and heavily weathered.  

It was in a rock wall in back of our property in the woods.  Years ago, farmers trying to eke out a living would plow the fields and move rocks raised by frost to the edge of their property line building up a boundary wall.

I have a few out croppings of bedrock on the property, and there is no spot I have to dig down more than a few feet to get to bedrock…. 

Being in Maine we also have numerous glacial carry rocks all around and we have several sand pits nearby from glacial terminal moraines…


The thought of buying rocks or sand for tanks is quite foreign to me.  I cantquite fathom it…

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Stacey Stewart cleared the land in the early 1800s.  His grave is in the cemetery about a mile down the road.  

I bet when he cleared it and put it on the rock wall it never entered his mind that someone nearly 200 years later would be excited to find it to put in a glass box to keep fish and plants just for viewing pleasure…

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