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Newly planted tank

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Hi everyone, 

I haven't been here for awhile but I have a question I can't get answered in the Facebook group(s). I just planted this 20 long 4days ago. Got these beautiful plants from aquarium co-op of course! Super happy with the plants! I didn't mean to have so many water column plants! Anyway to my question. I used controsoil which releases ammonia for up to a week to aid with the plant establishment process. I already added the sponge filter I had running in an established tank for over a month. Will the beneficial bacteria in the sponge be alright for up to a week before adding fish or should I be adding fish food? Is the soil feeding the BB? I wasn't sure so I added a sinking mini water. The water is 1.0 ammonia 0 nitrite and about 15 nitrates.


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As long as there is enough ammonia in the tank, the cycling process should progress as normal. You are running a fishless cycle.  I would monitor the ammonia levels to make sure they don't drop too low and stop the cycle. 

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