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 I know bubbles can be a sign of some medicens in tank but I haven't put anything in.all parameters seem to be normal. Wondering if this is a fish bubble nest?. Congo tetras, opaline guramis, neon tetras, hillstream loaches, yellow rainbowfish ramshorn snails, cory doras, otocinlous. Non that I'm aware of that do this. Any thoughts


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I had male bettas building bubble nest randomly. But never had a gourami building bubble nest "for fun". Is that also a thing?

My males have the breeding dress but never build bubble nest, unless they really wanna go for the breeding I guess.


Opaline gouramis are usually agressive as they are. With some breeding action involved, I bet they would get quite agressive

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I had the opaline counterparts, gold gouramis in college. Granted the tank was eclectic reject bin from my work. But they were quite content just chasing eachother around. I had 1 male 4 female. They lived with a goldfish, sunfish,BN pleco, chinese algae eater and a male convict cichlid. 

But yeah they were constantly making bubble nests in the corners and doing that beautiful gourami mating dance. No babies ever came of it though.

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