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Transferring to new tank


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   I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on transferring all your fish/plants/scape to a new tank. The main reason is to use a different substrate (I hate Eco complete). What should I transfer first and how long would it take to make sure the new tank is ready for fish? The tank would be the same size.  I currently have Nano fish and Cherry shrimp and I'm concerned about whether the move itself would harm them. Would the filter, plants, wood, and stone have enough beneficial bacteria (9 months) to make this a smooth transition? 

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I've done tank moves in the same day. As long as you're using plenty of material from the last tank theoretically you should have ZERO issues. Personally I still dose Prime and test to make sure, and of course observe the inhabitants for any signs of stress. 

The only issue is maybe with the shrimp, but as long as there is plenty for them to eat and the water parameters are the same I don't see how it's going to be an issue. Maybe if you're concerned move the fish first and the shrimp in batches over the coming days. 

(I have never kept shrimp successfully, full disclosure) I've done this several times with fish, even did one this weekend! 

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Just did this not to long ago, I find if I'm transferring over ill have to do water changes every day for a week or two, but I've always up sized so the same BB that care of the 10 or 20 needed a little extra time to catch up with the increased tank size, so a transfer to a similar sized tank shouldn't be as bad. I always do substrate, heaters, filters, hardscape and plants first, then bring over the live stock. Good luck with your shrimp, I've done them several times, and it never gets easier, even if you think you got them all, check again, then again. I get 99% of them the first time, but i always find more later, I like to leave the previous tank half full with an air stone over night, and come back the next day to catch any I missed, not to scare you, but its usually a 3 day process for me and shrimp, the babies are so small, ill always find more the following day after things have settled.

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I literally did this days ago. I've done it more times than I can count in the past couple of months due to moving multiple tanks around in my room to make room for the big tank.

Alright so....

Multiple water holding things are a big help.

1. Drain 2-3 buckets of water if possible.

A. Fish and your ceramic media / sponge filter go into one bucket. Set that aside with a lid in a quiet area.

B. Plants go into another one

C. Plants on hardscape go into another bucket.

2. Drain off the water as much as you can. Make a divot in the substrate to get every inch of the water out that you can.

If you're not using that tank, set that tank aside, deal with the substrate later after you're done with everything.  If you're using the same tank then go ahead and do what need be to clean out the tank. Your garden is going to get a bit of new substrate usually!

3. Setup and level the new tank. Level the stand, then the tank, then verify everything as the tank fills. This is also likely when you add back in the substrate and hardscape. Plants you can take your time with if you don't mind planting with the tank full.

4. Get your filtration running and clear up the tank.

5. Add in all of your fish, lights off, and let them destress.

On 6/13/2023 at 9:46 AM, Scaperoot said:

I currently have Nano fish and Cherry shrimp and I'm concerned about whether the move itself would harm them.

No. It just takes extra time to search for baby shrimp. The water you pull (and any baby shrimp in that water) will go back into the new tank.

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On 6/15/2023 at 8:47 AM, Scaperoot said:

I thought of a follow up question. Would any of the advice change if I was doubling the size of the tank, from 10 to 20 gallons? 

Nope.  I've gone from a 10 to a 29G. From a 29G to a 75G and I've gone from a 75G to a 5G bucket.

Adding more water, more dilution for waste is a good thing in my view.

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