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Obsessions: mouth brooding bettas and Sulawesi shrimp

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IMG_1479.jpeg.0af63c559d3ea16a016e7a076b46fc99.jpegMouth brooding bettas - can’t remember when I first learned about them. I think that Gianne reignited my interest in this species when she did one of the first talks for the Coop club. I then got distracted and well life happened. I’ve now got a few tanks opened since I’ve closed down most of the fishroom and I’m trying to see if these guys or Sulawesi shrimp may be a way to go at my itch to breed something. 

IMG_1480.jpeg.03fa75ac77e846fdf8c66431d2fa2916.jpegThe Sulawesi Shrimp make more sense - I have a 20 long with aragonite sand and rocks all setup. Shells, tons of algae and plants that don’t mind minerals are in there. It seems a better choice honestly. They need water changes and top offs occasionally, if they have enough algae and biofilm they really don’t need a lot of feeding or attention, and just need good water and heat which I can provide. Fish breeding is a love and shrimp breeding is a like so we shall see. an aquarist can dream?!

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I’ve always like the Betta macrostoma and chloropharynx That sounds like it would head you back in the direction you are trying to head away from. 
Those shrimp are so fantastic and not incredibly common. Easier maintenance without the need for live fry food. 
So my vote goes to shrimp. 

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