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What are these raised bumps on my albino bristlenose pleco?


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It’s been suggested that he could have ich, velvet or epistylis so I started one treatment of ich x and paracleanse yesterday. He was mostly hanging out near the top of the tank so I also added an air stone to increase oxygen exchange. Today he seems to be moving around more but the bumps are still present. Any idea what this definitively could be and the best course of treatment? 




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Looks like epistylis the most effective treatment is maracyn2 in food and dose the tank with ick X as epistylis feeds off of gram negative bacteria on the slime coat on your fish and spreads more quickly at higher temperatures you can use this medicated food recipe with rapshy if he's not eating dose the tank with maracyn2 I would add an extra air stone during treatment @syzygyIMG_20230115_234745.jpg.6374bc4ae3fc93063fab2ed671cf3c0e.jpg

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