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Where do y'all resell tanks?

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I recently impulse bought a biOrb 30L tank because it was on sale for a very good deal. But after having it for a while I've sadly come to realize I currently don't have the time or need for it. I can't return it so I'm just wondering if anyone knows where I could resell it? It's brand new in the box.

Is FB Marketplace the best place to find a hobbyist who might want it?

I don't know if there is even any interest for these tanks anymore, but I was just wondering if there are any special places that I should put it for sale on. 

Thanks 🙂

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You can try eBay, FB Marketplace. Once you’ve interacted enough on this Forum, you’ll find a “WTS / WTB” sub-forum where you can advertise.

I’ve been happy auctioning tanks off at my Fish Club. Never make much money, but it is heartening to see other aquarists appreciate a tank again and give it new love.

30 liters (ca. 8 gal.) is great size for Shrimp, or Killifish, or Blue-eye Rainbowfish group … and loads more.

If I had it, I’d be moving these Nothobranchius rachovii in…



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