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Water flow management

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This play list might also be of interest.


down a bit were videos on anesthetizing a fish and performing skin scrapings and gill biopsies.

of course you would need to know how to interpret what you see under the microscope, which is not covered…


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Always have a control valve too on your return. Other things can mess with water pressure. Having a control valve allows you to dial in the perfect balance. And can allow you to bleed air out.

Also something not mentioned in the video but incredibly important! Make sure your overflow can hold all the water in case of failure of either the pump or the drain. Calculate the volume of the water from your water level to the base of the bulkhead to find this out. Plan for failure and it will never happen is the saying. 

Here is my sump. It is incredibly simple. Technically a refugium style as I raise fry, shrimp, and snails down here away from hungry mouths:



1st compartment:




Pump compartment:



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