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Co-Op Email Giveaways Clarification


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I just wanted to clarify the way the giveaway functions. I am puzzled a bit and potentially not the only one, so I wanted to formally ask the question on the forums.

When you first sign up via the sign up page it says to just "click the join giveaway" button which is the exact verbiage we see via email. At the bottom of those threads on the blog articles there is another link that says "enter this month's giveaway" which takes you here where you can sign up again.


My question is, which button allows up to properly enter the giveaway? Do we need to re-join the mailing list monthly or is simply clicking this button (and others with the blog posts) the correct method to join the giveaway?




Congratulations to the winner!

It is really awesome that ACO is doing these. 

I just wanted to clarify what we need to do on our end to participate.

Thank you!

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Once you have joined (one time), that's all that is required. The only other part is to open up the blog emails when they are sent out each week (for more chances to win). 

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